7.31.14  A very warm welcome and thanks out to Bissell for granting us
the Bissell service center and sales center for Dupage County here in
Naperville IL.  Our 12,500+ customers can now walk their Bissell vacuum
cleaner right into our Naperville Vacuums location at 415 E OGDEN
Naperville IL  60563.  Or call us at 630-778-1111.
6.30.14  A warm welcome to our newest vacuum...  the Miele Scout
robotic vacuum.  With surpassing features and longevity over the
competition, it's no wonder robot vacuums are becoming popular!  Stop
in Naperville Vacuums for a demonstration.
5.9.14  We've hit yet another milestone in our growing business.  The
number of vacuums on the floor stands at 293.  So many options for the
customer, vacuums ranging from $29 - $1800!  Stop in to test drive your
next new vacuum in Naperville IL.  Naperville Vacuums Naperville IL.
4.1.14  Another special thanks out to Tornado vacuum for allowing us to
become a Tornado vacuum dealer in Naperville IL and also a Tornado
Vacuum service center in Naperville IL.
3.11.14  A special thanks out to Powr Flite vacuum for allowing us to
become a Powr Flite vacuum dealer in Naperville IL and also a Powr Flite
service center in Naperville IL.  Power Flite.
2.3.14  As Naperville Vacuums grows, to help facilitate our customers
demand, we're proud to announce the addition of another van to our
fleet. To help service our customers, the 2nd van will help with deliveries
and free pickup/drop off's much easier.  Thanks out to our customers
and employees who help make this possible.
1.7.14  A special warm welcome to Heather J. our newest assistant
manager.  Heather comes back to us after almost 15 years from raising
her family & home.  WELCOME BACK HEATHER!
12.22.13  A warm welcome to Nicole M. our newest customer service
employee.  Thanks Nicole!!
12.21.13  A special thanks out to all our employees for making 2013
another record breaking year.  This season, we held our company
holiday party at a Brazilian Steak house in beautiful downtown Chicago.
11.29.13 A special thanks out to Sirena for allowing us to become their
first dealer in the midwest.  We are proud to carry both Rainbow and
Sirena water filtration vacuums.  
10.23.13 Hot off the press, we are the FIRST dealer in Illinois to receive
an immediate Maytag accreditation for Maytag's newest technology in
vacuums! Stop in to view the latest Maytag vacuum technology!  
9.5.13  A special thanks out to our team for making this years Labor day
sale a success!  We broke a morning record the 1st day by selling 1
vacuum every 13 minutes!!  
8.20.13  A warm welcome to our 5th senior vacuum technician Tim K. He
comes to us with 20+ years of experience.  Glad to have you aboard Tim!
7.1.13  We're announcing a free vacuum give-a-way.  Simply fill out the
form on our counter top and we'll draw a name at the end of the month.
You'll receive a 20 year vacuum at absolutely NO CHARGE.
6.3.13  Another mile stone has been reached!  Naperville Vacuums in
Naperville IL is officially THE LARGEST vacuum store in Illinois and the
entire midwest!  We currently have on display 283 vacuums to choose
5.31.13  A warm welcome to our newest line of vacuums:  SEBO.  
Another special 'thank you' out to Christine C. our SEBO representative
for helping us make this possible.
4.8.13  A special thank you out to the entire Dyson team who flew in from
the UK today.  Procedures and ideas were the topic, which helps new
and current Dyson customers.  It's nice to see a major corporation taking
care of their customers on and 1-on-1 basis with their dealers/warranty
centers.  Another true testiment to how Dyson does their upgrades real
time and face to face.  
3.25.13  We recently received an entire fleet of recertified used
vacuums. Kirby, Dyson, Hoover, Riccar & Miele. Stop in to trade up into
a fresh vacuum.
2.22.13  Oreck's newest 7lb lightweight vacuum now in stock!!  
Improvements this year would be the addition of a swivel neck for more
maneuverability and also a wireless on/off button on the handle.  
1.21.13  By popular request, we welcome the 2013 Fuller Brush
Company vacuums!  This years models come in candy apple red and
have added 2 additional vacuums to the line.  Stop in for a test drive!!
12.31.12  A special thanks out to our customers, friends, relatives &
commercial accounts who have made this year a huge success.  We are
now THE largest vacuum dealer in Illinois due to referrals from both
customers and manufactures.  As a result, we have now gone through a
total of 3 expansions in 4 years, and a total of 167 vacuums on our
showroom floor to choose from!
12.10.12  We extend our warmest welcome to the ShopVac© company
for allowing Naperville Vacuums to carry their product line.  Stop in to
see the latest in Shop Vac © tools, vacuums & accessories.  Their latest
release is a tool box with a mini Shop Vac © built right inside.
11.30.12  A warm welcome to our newest service technician Keith V.  
This brings our total to 5 technicians (3 senior techs & 2 junior techs).
11.15.12  Black Friday special:  Oreck's are BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!
10.1.12  MILESTONE:  We now have over 167 vacuums on our
showroom floor for test driving.  We literally have a sea of vacuums for
you to select from.  Prices ranging from $39-$1,900.  Stop in today to
sample your next new vacuum.
9.25.12  Without further or due, we're proud to inform our customers we
are expanding AGAIN!!  Special thanks out to ALL our customers,
friends, family members for their referrals!!  We couldn't have done it
without you!  Please stop in for a free beverage and take a few vacuums
down for a test drive.
9.3.12  A warm welcome to THE lightest full size upright vacuum, the
Oreck Magnesium @ only 7lbs. !!!   WOW this thing is light!!  Almost as
light as a pair of shoes & socks!  lol
8.25.12  Dyson releases it's newest vacuum, the DC41 ANIMAL
COMPLETE.  This time it's in the color:  Magenta Pink!!  Sweeeet!  
Come check them out for a free test drive.
8.6.12  Our newest 1st place vacuum for janitorial & maid services is now
the Commercial grade Riccar vacuum.  Only 8lbs, has twice the power of
most vacuums and a durable & long power cord.
7.6.12  Much applause out to Dirt Devil for releasing their latest
innovation in vacuums...  the Wet & Dry vac which also has a power
washer built-in as well.  Stop by for a test drive.
6.11.12  Another warm welcome for 2 of our newest accounts:  Locally is
the City of Naperville and also the national chain Marbles Brain Store.  
5.31.12  A warm welcome to our newest employee Cassie R.  She comes
to us via a referral and will be handling some of the over-load for
customer service.  She has experience in customer service and is a
good addition to our staff.
5.1.12  Two of Dyson's newest models released immediately to the
public, DC40 and DC41.  Dyson's newest Ball© technology.  Stop in to
see them and try them out.
4.30.12  A warm welcome to our newest customer service mananger
Krysti V.  An excellent addition to our staff, a quick learner, attention to
detail and outstanding customer service skills.
4.23.12  Attention Kirby Lovers!  Stop in to see the new 2013 G10 Kirby
vacuum!  Comes complete with shampoo'er, accessories & attachments.
3.21.12  For immediate release, we are under-going another expansion.  
We are opening our 2nd store and possibly a 3rd store within the coming
year.  More details on the new Naperville Vacuums store as they arrive.  
Also in the works is a buyout of an existing vacuum store.  
3.5.12  Dyson has finally released the pictures on their newest vacuum,
the DC39 CANISTER BALL.  The first of its kind, it hits the market with
great welcome.  Stop by our showroom for a free test drive!
2.20.12  A warm welcome out to our newest line of vacuums, The Fuller
Brush company line of vacuums which dates back almost 70 years.  The
Fuller vacuums arrive with full HEPA filtration, self adjusting cleaner
head, along with steal brush roll and hose/wand with attachments.
1.31.12  Many thanks out to all our Miele vacuum customers.  Naperville
Vacuums is currently the fastest growing Miele dealer in the area.
1.2.12  End of year 2011 was fast paced & energetic with the new
expansion.  The corporation sustained a 16% increase over the previous
year.  Double digit growth in a recession is unheard of in most
businesses.  We'd like to thank our customers, friends, neighbors,
referrals and especially our family who helped make this possible.
12.23.11  A warm welcome to one of our newest municipalities, The City
of Naperville.  A thanks out to the wonderful team out at the city of
Naperville for keeping their vacuum and flooring needs local!  
12.21.11  NEW STORE:  Upon further research, another vacuum store  
has been approved to better help our customers.  Date & location are
expected to be released sometime spring/summer next year.  Stay tuned
for details.
11.22.11  This is our second PRESS RELEASE by Naperville Sun Times
11.1.11  Special thanks out to Erin & Julie at DuPage Sew & Vac in Lisle
on Ogden for referring their business to us.  After 35 years, Erin & Julie
will be closing their father's business.  We wish them well down in the
warmer climate and can always count on NapervilleVacuums.com to
support them.
10.31.11  First PRESS RELEASE by Naperville Sun Times located HERE
10.17.11  Announcement:  We are now installing central vacuum
systems into RV's, boats and airplanes.  Please view our complete line of
central vacuum systems
HERE or stop by our showroom for the complete
line installed and ready to test.
10.3.11  Welcome aboard Riccar vacuums!  We have finally selected an
American made vacuum to be sold to our customers.  Also the only
vacuum on the market with TWIN tandem vacuum motors before and
after the filter for THE most efficient and powerful residential vacuum with
sealed HEPA filtration!
9.1.11  NEW DYSON VACUUM:  Rumors were buzzing around the
internet of Dyson coming out with a "mega vacuum" with the most suction
at the cleaner head!  Without further or due, the Dyson DC41 has been
released and will be in our showroom this month!  [pre-orders have been
taken already]
8.9.11  Our newest line of central vacuums has been installed in our
showroom for customer viewing.  A warm welcome to CYCLOVAC and
JUSTCENTRALVACS for installing 4 units and a hide-a-hose option.
7.13.11  To further facilitate our customers needs, we've added 2
additional service bays to our vacuum repair department.  This 2 extra
vacuum bay's allow us to better keep up with fluctuations in inbound
vacuum repairs.  It also gives the customer a shorter waiting period for
their vacuum repair to be completed.  
6.10.11  Newly updated displays have arrived and been installed in our
showroom.  Stop by to view our dozens of vacuums on display.
5.30.11  We've added more loaner vacuums to our vacuum repair
department, giving the added benefit to the customer so they don't have
to be without a vacuum while their's is being serviced.
5.16.11 Special thanks out to the city of Naperville for all their help and
generosity with our larger vacuum repair area and sales floor.
4.4.11  NEW GROUND:  We've started our 1st phase of expansion in our
vacuum department
3.28.11  CARPET CLEANING:  April is carpet cleaning month.  Coupons
and online rebates are located
3.15.11  SALE:  Our spring specials are coming out soon.  We're taking
off 51% off certain floor samples in our flooring department.  Check
HERE for details.
2.25.11  Anniversary:  Special thanks out to our customers, referrals,
family, friends & neighbors for making it possible for us to celebrate our
20th year in business!  We still remember our first customer (Krughoff
Home Builders in Naperville IL) and the 1,000's of residential customers.
2.9.11  RECORD:  January 2011 was a record breaking January
showing a 46% increase over January 2010.  Special thanks out to our
staff who made this possible.  
1.7.11  SALES:  Last years sales figures have been calculated.  With the
economy trying to rebound from a recession, the company was able to
sustain a double digit increase over the previous year again (+22.1%).  
This figure is a full eleven percent over 2009 figures.  Accounting data
indicates the addition of new sales & service lines were the cause.  
However, the employees are the ultimate reason why the company is
flourishing during a rebounding economy.  Projected sales for 2011 are
expected to be in the double digits again, especially after our new sales
& service lines are brought into light and the expansion of the business
12.27.10 Christmas Party:  This years Christmas party was a huge
success!  Employees enjoyed an evening at Benihana Restaurant.  
Special thanks out to all our employees who made 2010 a huge success!
12.1.10  NEW ACCOUNT:  A warm welcome to one of our newest
accounts:  The
Dish Network.  After almost 2 months of negotiations,
Dish Network has approved the bid for broad loom carpeting to be
installed into their corporate building.
11.15.10  EXPANSION:  We're paving the way for 2011.  With a double
digit increase this year in sales, we're looking to expand again!  
We've reached a tentative agreement to double our existing store to
encompass more showroom space & possibly purchase the entire strip
mall.  Projected expansion date is set for April 1, 2011.
10.25.10  DEALERSHIP AWARDED:  Proud to announce Electrolux© &
Sanitaire© awarding us a dealers license.  Customer are able to bring in
their vacuums for service at our retail store at 415 E OGDEN AVE,
NAPERVILLE IL 60563. (no appt necessary).  We look forward to helping
our new Electrolux© & Sanitaire© customers.
10.8.10  NEW ACCOUNT:  A warm welcome to one of our newest
Navistar / International Truck.  After almost 18 months,
Navistar has approved the budget for their new carpet & laminate
flooring.  A total of 281 man hours will be invested into this project.
10.1.10  WARRANTY UPDATE:  Our new carpet cleaning warranty has
been rolled out for all residential customers. EXCLUSIVE: If your carpet
doesn't come
clean, we'll refund your cleaning cost to apply it towards
NEW carpet!
9.25.10  DYSON CUSTOMERS:  Dyson has awarded us additional
loaner vacuums in order to help accommodate our customers when their
vacuum will be under repair for any length of time.  Special thanks out to
Albert M. for at Dyson for making this possible.
8.23.10  EXPANDING:  Our hardwood floor sanding & refinishing
department has added another leg in order to facilitate the ever
expanding hardwood flooring market.  Typically, hardwood floor sanding
& refinishing can be scheduled within 2-3 business days.
7.24.10  GRAND OPENING:  The 3rd division of the corporation is
officially open for business.  The retail flooring store has all your flooring
needs from new carpet, new hardwood, new tile or new laminate.  To
help service our customers, we've expanded our Flooring
store hours.
Our Dyson Vacuum customers, and our Sherwinn Williams Paint
customers will also benefit from the expanded hours.  Visit out now at:  
Giada Michael Flooring Co.
7.14.10  Notice of Grand Opening:  We are officially having our grand
opening of our new location on 7.24.10 at 2pm.  The Mayor of Naperville
will be present, along with many of the manufactures reps (Dyson, Shaw,
Beaulieu, DalTile, CCS etc)
7.12.10  New location update:  We are officially 95% moved into our new
larger location.  This new location located at 415 E OGDEN AVE,
NAPERVILLE IL 60563, will allow us to facilitate our customers better by
offering more options to choose from when purchasing carpet,
hardwood, tile or laminate.  
6.14.10  Official Dyson© Service Center:  We're proud to announce
we've been awarded our very own Dyson© service center.  We not only
sell Dyson© vacuums to our customers, we service them as well.
5.7.10  Official Dyson© retailer:  We are proud to announce we have
been awarded our very own Dyson© Vacuum retailer licence.  We are
now able to sell Dyson© vacuums for our customers.  
Purchase a
Dyson© now, and we'll personally deliver and set it up for you.
4.29.10 New Location:  In our efforts to help our customers, we've added
a 2nd location in the Chicago land area.  This location is designed to
carry all of our flooring samples (Carpet, Hardwood, Tile &  Rugs).
4.10.10 Name update:  For years we've been selling new flooring under
the RugMedic name.  We have now adopted the new name for the
company to facilitate our retail division.  The official name is now
RugMedic Inc.  dba: Giada Michael Flooring Company.
3.25.10 New Vehicle:  Another larger vehicle has been added to the fleet
in order to facilitate our customers' demand for flooring samples in their
home.  This larger vehicle will hold ALL the styles & colors we carry in
our showroom.  This gives the customer a better selection at their home.
2.22.10 Do-It-Yourself:  Back by popular demand, we have reinstated
our carpet cleaning machine rental.  This year we've expanded the
rental machine onto our website
here.  Customers can now rent our
spotting machine FREE, and our carpet cleaning machine for $19/day.
1.12.10 New Account:  After almost 6 months, we have successfully won
the privilege to clean the carpets for Rock Bottom© Restaurant. The
company currently operates 36 restaurants under the Rock Bottom©
name, with an additional 4 other franchise names.
1.6.10  Immediate release:  Effective immediately, installation of
carpeting is a flat rate of $119 for ANY size room, UNLIMITED areas.  
Please view details here:
New Carpet
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