*Would you ever buy a car
without test driving?
...test drive your
next vacuum!
Clients Served
"What is the best vacuum?"
This is the #1 question asked by our customers.  If there was a #1 vacuum on
the market, we'd have only one vacuum on our floor.  Since everyone's home
size & lifestyle is different, it's important to fit the person/home to a specific
vacuum.  We do this by asking the following questions:

1.  What is the square footage of your home?
2.  How many levels in your home?
3.  How many people occupy the home?
4.  How many pets are in the home?
5.  How often is the home vacuumed?
6.  Do you use a maid service to clean your home?
7.  Do you have mostly carpet OR hard surface flooring?
8.  Any allergy sufferers in the home?
9.  Do you prefer upright vacuums, canister vacuums or
central vacuums?
10.How often do you use the on-board tools?
11.How many staircases are in
your home?
12.What brand have you heard about which you may be interested in?
13.What vacuum(s) do you own now?
14.Are you happy with your current vacuum?
15.What do you like the most about your current vacuum?
16.What do you like the LEAST about your current vacuum?
17.Do you prefer a
BAGGED or BAG-LESS vacuum?
18.Would you prefer a disposable, standard or Elite vacuum?

Personal preference plays a large part as well.  However, with these questions
answered, we can properly offer you choices which will dramatically narrow
your search and also keep your home as healthy as possible with the least
amount of effort & investment.  Whether it's a $29 vacuum or a $1,900
vacuum, you'll receive an unbiased opinion based on your personal needs &
Stop by and test drive from hundreds of vacuums on display!

You'll also get the peace of mind you get when buying a new car from a
dealer...  We'll fully assemble & prep your new vacuum, teach you how to use
the vacuum, warranty any concerns which arise, and service the vacuum well
after it's warranty expires.  ...all for the next 10-30 years!

Here's a list of what you receive when we earn your trust:

  1. Full assembly (free personal delivery for elderly, disabled or veterans)
  2. Full hands on training
  3. First year, unlimited free tune-ups, belts & sanitizing are FREE!
  4. Full 5yr warranty on most models AND free loaner vacuums
  5. Full service & parts, even after warranty expires
  6. Most parts in stock and ready for quick turn-around
  7. Fully trained & full time personnel ready to assist
  8. Test drive ALL the latest makes and models in one place!!
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             Retailer VS. Dealer
Retailer:  Whether it's an online store or a big box store, they offer sales only, NO SERVICE.
In most cases, you get your vacuum in a box to assemble yourself!  Sure you can save $5-$20 bucks,
however, If you ever need help, have questions or warranty, you must call the manufacture OR ship
your vacuum to the manufacture!  You'll be out of a vacuum for weeks!

Dealer: Just like the convenience of a car dealership, vacuum dealers offer the complete package to
the customer as well. You can test drive from over 283 vacuums AND even trade-in your old vacuum!  
Customers receive
FULL SERVICE>  Sales, Service, Parts, Accessories & Warranty, all under one roof -
and on
all vacuums!  If any questions, concerns or problems arise... You simply walk your vacuum right
through our front door and you're taken care of ON THE SPOT!  You even get a FREE loaner!

*NOTE:  A product which eventually needs service OR has wearable parts, is important to buy from a dealer.    
EXAMPLE:  You buy your shoes, clothes or a toaster from a
retailer.  You buy a car, air-conditioner OR vacuum from a
dealer.  Remember, saving $5-$20 is great... UNTIL your vacuum needs warranty or service work.
If you're tired of spending $50-$200 every so often, we would be happy to let you test drive an Elite-Class Vacuum
which last 15-30 years!
"My husband calls me a "clean freak"
because I take my vacuuming seriously;
I expect my vacuum to be just as
serious!  i always thought when your
vacuum broke, you throw them away.  I
was buying vacuums every year.
Thanks for tuning up my vacuums for
me and taking the time (3 hours) to
explain 'vacuum 101' to me.

Customer for life and owner of 3
-Corey M.   Naperville IL
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Would you get this from an online or big box retail store?
FACT:  73% of
homes have one
vacuum per floor
Now days, you can buy a vacuum from anywhere...  Online, any large retailer or home store etc.   
So, why don't we sell you a vacuum directly from our website?  We could easily add a "BUY NOW"  
button right here, and even ship it to you for free!    However, we don't sell vacuums online for one
It's important to fit the customer to a vacuum, not a vacuum to the customer!
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