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...AND have serviced ALL
these fine company's
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Thanks for stopping by our website and considering us for your next new vacuum, central vacuum or
repair in Naperville. Combined, we've been serving Naperville IL for over 23 years with the
same service & attention our grand-father taught us.  

Whether you need a new vacuum, central vacuum, or vacuum repair;  you'll get an unbiased opinion
based on your personal vacuum needs.  You won't be rushed through a checkout line & our help and
advice are aways free.  Please don't hesitate to call, click OR stop-by.    
We sell & service
ALL vacuum
FACT:  73% of homes have one vacuum per floor
FACT:  Vacuum twice per week reduces getting sick by 87%
FACT:  Vacuum belts should be replaced 1-3 times per year
FACT:  Paper HEPA filters aren't washable. Replace every yr.
FACT:  9 out of 10 vacuums in for repair, only need a tune-up.
FACT:  Naperville Vacuums is THE largest dealer in Illinois!!
Just like your car, your
next vacuum should be
test driven too!
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